​​​​​​Our board members serve with a passion and desire to better the children of our community. They embody the best of our community.

Football related questions, please reach out to President Tyler Grove, Vice President Eric Clark, or either Directors of Coaching Travis Grove or Tomas Blue.

Cheer related questions, please reach out to our Cheer Coordinator Casie Barnwell.

Sponsorship or fundraising questions, please reach out to our Treasurer Jennifer Grove.  


Name: Tyler Grove
Position: President
Name: Eric Clark
Position: Vice President
Name: Jessica Every
Position: Secretary
Name: Jennifer Grove
Position: Treasurer
Name: Kayla Blue
Position: Player Coordinator
Name: Caroline Grove
Position: Player Coordinator
Name: Casie Barnwell
Position: Cheer Coordinator
Name: Tomas Blue
Position: Football Coordinator
Name: Travis Grove
Position: Football Coordinator
Name: Stefanie Culbertson
Position: Member
Name: Tiffany Ward
Position: Member
Name: Kimberly Brown
Position: Member